About Me 

I'm Ben Lassman, a London based photographer. I started taking photographs at a fairly young age, as the thought of getting old and not being able to remember everything I'd done in my life scared me - I wanted to have the photos to look back on. 

It started as a hobby which saw me take photos of anything and everything at weekends or on holiday, and then I became the kid who took a camera everywhere. I remember my mum taking me down to the local Bonusprint to have rolls of 35mm film developed, where I'd pore over shots when they came back to see which had come out well. 

My technical interest in photography grew in my teens when I got my first DSLR or 'proper' camera, as it was also known. I took my new piece of kit out into the bush in the Serengeti in Tanzania, Africa and watched and tried to replicate the actions of a professional photographer snapping away at a lion pride. I learnt so much from that experience, and that's what set me on the real photography journey. I'm still learning a great deal about photography everyday, but I do love what I do. The feeling of getting the 'perfect shot' where you've captured every detail, where the colour is so vivid it jumps out at you or whether you've simply managed to snap away at a moment that's captured an intense emotion - that's all a big deal for me and I hope my work conveys that! 

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